Many individuals are unaware of the underlying causes of their suffering, as they are often unconscious, and therefore not something we can identify ourselves.  You may recognize that you are in constant pain or distress, and looking for some relief from it, or you may wonder why you are always experiencing certain events or circumstances that are causing you pain and frustration. 

Through the exploration and uncovering of the unconscious motives and conflicts that are driving your feelings and behavior, you are able to release these old patterns of thinking and responding, and develop a new, healthier sense of yourself and your environment.  Through this process of exploration, insight, and change, an individual begins to experience more joy, fulfillment, and love in their lives and their relationships.

Dr. Baird believes in developing a trusting relationship that allows for the safety that is needed to explore these underlying causes of pain and distress. She specialize in eating disorder treatment including binge eating, anorexia and bulimia in the Torrance, Manhattan Beach & Hermosa Beach area. Relief is felt when these conflicts are brought to the surface and worked through, rather than continuing to create pain and trauma for the individual.